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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Fitted Shoes for Little Girls

by linda bellino on January 20, 2023

Shopping for a pair of shoes that your adorable little girl can enjoy wearing is an exciting task, yet it can be tricky to get the fit just right. From ballet flats to royal shoe set, boots, and more, there are many different styles and sizes to choose from. With our ultimate guide to finding fitted shoes for Little Girls, we’ll take the guesswork out of shoe shopping and help you find the perfect pair of kicks that are both comfortable and stylish.  Together we will make sure every step leads to the best choice of footwear for her. Let’s begin.

Importance of Finding the Best-Fitted Shoes for Little Girls

For your Little Princess, the importance of finding well-fitted shoes cannot be overstated. Too often, parents allow their daughters to wear shoes that don't fit properly in favor of fashion and fun. Unfortunately, doing this can lead to serious foot problems in adulthood. To make sure this doesn't happen, parents should try to find shoes with a proper fit for their daughters every time they're out shopping. 

Shoes for Infants that are too loose can cause blisters, while those that are too tight can restrict circulation and limit movement. The right shoes should also provide ample arch support and heel cushioning to prevent injuries and twist correctly, so the ankle has enough room to flex when walking or running. By taking these important considerations into account when buying shoes for their little girls, parents can help ensure their feet remain healthy from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood.


4 Tips to Finding Perfect Shoe Fit for Little Girls

 Measure Your Daughter’s Feet Accurately

The first step in selecting the best-fitting shoes for your daughter is measuring her feet accurately. It is important to measure both feet because they may not be exactly the same size. To do this, stand your daughter's foot on a piece of paper and trace around it with a pencil or pen. Then, use a ruler or measuring tape to measure from heel to toe (this is called the “length” measurement). You should also measure from side to side across the widest part of her foot (this is called the “width” measurement). Be sure to write down both measurements for future reference when shopping for shoes. 

Consider Comfort and Support

It is important to choose comfortable and supportive shoes for your daughter’s growing feet. Look for flexible materials such as leather or canvas with plenty of cushioning inside. Also, make sure there is enough space in the shoe so that your daughter’s toes have enough space to wiggle around freely without feeling cooped up or squished together. This will help prevent blisters and other problems caused by ill-fitting shoes.  

Don’t Forget to Check the Toes

This one may seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Always make sure you check the toes of any shoe before purchasing them. You want to make sure there is not too much room at the end of her toes (which could cause blisters) or that they are not pressing up against each other (which could cause pain and discomfort). A good rule of thumb is if she can fit one finger between her longest toe and the end of the shoe then it should fit perfectly.

Pay Attention to Construction Details

When buying Shoes for Toddlers, look for details like padded collars around ankle openings which provide extra comfort; reinforced toes that protect against bumps; strong soles which keep feet steady; flexible midsoles which allow feet to move naturally; and breathable linings which help keep feet dry and cool during playtime activities. All these features can add up to make sure your child's feet stay happy all day long! 

The Best Shoe Fitting Hacks for Kids

  1. Don't assume that kids need some time to break in their shoes - comfort is key from day one, so try different sizes if necessary. 
  2. The thumb measurement is an easy way to check if the shoes fit correctly - have your child stand up and place their thumb on top of the shoe near their toes, then measure the distance between the end of their big toe and the end of the shoe (it should be about a half inch). 
  3. Don't just take them for looks; make sure they move in them too! Have your child waddle and walk around in potential new shoes before buying them to make sure they're comfortable, supportive, and free from any pressure points that could cause discomfort later on. 
  4. Regularly check old shoes for fit and comfort - as children grow quickly, it's essential to check that their older footwear still fits correctly, as too much room or tightness can cause serious problems with their feet as well as blisters, corns, and calluses.


When it comes time for you to pick out a new pair of Shoes in Calgary for your daughter, it pays off to keep these tips in mind. Measure her feet accurately, consider comfort and support, opt for quality over quantity, and always try on any potential options before making your final purchase decision. With this ultimate guide at hand, you’ll be confident you have chosen the right shoes that will provide maximum comfort while helping support your daughter’s growing feet without compromising style.