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How To Find Best Girl Dresses For Weddings

by Jona Kaddoura on February 22, 2021

You’ve opened the mail to find a wedding invitation, and you’ve scored a very special plus-one: your little girl! It’s time to get them dressed up and all ready for the party. The problem is what should they wear to the wedding!

What to look for? What can you find that works both in terms of design, style and comfort? How do you find something that has impeccable detailing and a touch of whimsy, perfect for the special day? 

Luckily, this blog has the advice for you. 


 Best Tips For Girl Dresses For Wedding

  Some ideas to consider for your little girl’s first wedding dress: 

  • It’s okay to wear white! While the rule of “no white” applies to everyone, it doesn’t work with wedding dresses for girls. You can still find lovely dresses that work for the wedding and are white. 
  • You can also go for lighter, bright colours of the floral persuasion. We’re talking red, pink and rosette. 
  • Flouncy and floral girl wedding guest dresses are so stylish and also work for this particular occasion. 
  • Consider your event’s theme, season and formality, as this will have a major impact on their overall dressing features. For example, go with something floral during the spring or summer, and something formal during the winter (you can read more seasonal dresses with our guide for “Ideas For Baby Girl First Birthday Outfits).   
  • Remember that your little girl is going to be a bit more active than you, so ensure they have enough space and comfort within their dress. Find designers that offer custom-fitting so you get the best of our both worlds. 
  • Don’t forget the accessories, such as  floral baby headbands, barrettes, hair clips, designer shoes and jewelry. Work to see what you can and make it work with your little one! 

What About The Boys? 

If you’re taking your little man, then it’s best to amp them up with some slick boys’ suits. 

baby dresses

When it comes to boy suits for a wedding, it’s easy to follow along: a jacket, a dress shirt, pants and a bow tie - in any style that you would like! 

(We have some tips on the “Best Trendy Boys Suits” right here)

Whether you’re taking your little girl or boy, following these tips can help you find the perfect little Prepare for tons of compliments—your kid’s about to be the best dressed wedding guest, guaranteed.

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