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Best Accessories For Flower Girls

by Jona Kaddoura on March 16, 2021

Sometimes it's the flower girls that steal the show at the big wedding. There's nothing more adorable than a young girl walking the aisle and throwing a petal of flowers along the path. A big part of playing the role is making sure that the flower girl looks her best. Here are some great accessories that can help her stand out on the special day.

Five Must-Have Accessories for Flower Girls 

  1. Bracelet Charms

A simple accessory to help the flower girl look her best is by accessorizing with bracelets. When you look at a dress for girls, you should consider going with colors that are more neutral so that you can easily match different types of accessories.


  1. Cute Tote Bag

Instead of a large flower basket that's hard to carry, why not go with a tote bag? A simple tote bag can hold the flowers as well as other belongings on the very bottom. You can go with many different design as well, even customizing them if you want to make it look extra cute.


  1. Headband

Another simple accessory you can go with is a headband. You have a lot of choices when it comes to what kind of headband to go with. However, you can't go wrong with a floral headband. It matches the theme of the wedding and being a flower girl. Consider the color and type of dress for girls you're going with when choosing headbands. As always, you always want to make things match.


  1. Shoes

You can have a lot of fun with shoes as well. There are many different types of shoes that can go with the flower girl theme such as standard cream-colored wedding shoes, sparkling designs, designs with bows, and of course, shoes with floral designs. As long as it matches the dress, you can't go wrong.


  1. The Right Dress

Sometimes it's the dress that makes everything look perfect. If you want to keep things simple, you can buy a one-piece flower girl dress for the occasion. Other accessories can help, but they may be fussy for a younger girl.

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