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Baby Girl First Birthday Outfit Ideas

by Jona Kaddoura on December 03, 2020

Is your daughters' first birthday right around the corner? Then it's time to think about their dresses for their special day. 

While there are plenty of kids' clothing stores in Canada, they usually offer the same thing. And there is no question it's not easy having to come up with the perfect dress for your little princess, especially when that dress is her first birthday outfit.

What to look for? What's the best style to work? 

We make it simple with some smart suggestions below. 


Ideas For Baby Girl First Birthday Outfits

Focus on Designer Styles 

Nothing highlights style like going for a frilled and fluffy designer girl dress. They are a perfect blend of style and cuteness while retaining a sense of formality. 

You should also consider gowns and frocks in interesting, unique patterns, as they elevate typical baby girl dresses into something more pronounced. Trendy styles and sleeve patterns also add more glamour to these kids' outfits.

Get Seasonal With The Girl Dresses 

Celebrating your daughter's birthday with a dress that reflects the season of their birth is a stunning idea that works wonders each time. You can do it for spring, summer, fall and winter. Here are some clever combinations you can do: 

  • Spring is about flowers, so get a girl dress with gorgeous floral prints or embellishments. You can also choose from an array of colours, focusing on pinks, blues, greens and yellows. 
  • Summer is naturally about the sunlight, so brighter colours (similar to spring) work best. Look for girl dresses with floral prints and designs. Just make sure that the clothing is light, so they feel comfortable in the heat.
  • Fall is all about warmer shades and comforts. Colours and shades of bronze, oranges and browns complement the season most beautifully while making your daughter feel and look great. 
  • Winter is all about smart, dark tones that add a level of formality to them. It works well with the season and also adds a classy element to your daughter's dress. 

Don't Forget The Birthday Accessories 

You can't have a birthday dress without the right accessories to complement it. To complete this special day for your little girl, look for cute additions, such as floral baby headbands, barrettes, hair clips, designer shoes and jewelry. Find styles and designs that work well with the dress without taking focus away from it. 

With these wonderful ideas for your little girl's first birthdays, you can now comfortably dress up your little princess exclusively and stylishly for their special day.

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