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Tired of the same dull, low-quality formal kids' attire that lacks style and individuality?

Say goodbye to your kids constanlly itching and tugging at their outfits. At Linda Bellino, we like to do things a bit differently. Our stuff is made by hand with lots of TLC, and we pick expensive fabrics that are super soft, like the kind your kid could crash out in after a big bash! We're all about making quality a big deal, and we use top-notch materials like premium Tulle, Lace, Satin, Organza, Turkish Cotton, and Wool Blend to get the job done.

About Us

Setting The Runway On Fire🔥

Step into the world of Linda Bellino, where fashion and glam come together effortlessly, and there are no limits to our creativity. Join us on a thrilling journey as we share our recent adventures at top fashion events and some stunning photoshoots. We've made appearances at Toronto Kids Fashion Week, Glam Z Gala, Bridal Expo, and Unveiled all across North America.
Kids Fashion With A Global Twist

Linda Bellino Kids is all about celebrating the beauty of art and the wonders of our world. That's why each dress or suit we create is named after a country, city, or town from around the globe. Each piece is special in its own way, and we choose its name based on how it looks and where it might belong in the world. Ifs our way of blending art and the global spirit into every outfit.

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Customize your dress or suit with us

Tailored to your desires: we offer a unique feature that empowers you to personalize your dress or suit with us. At Linda Bellino, you can customize any dress or suit in our collection, ensuring that it perfectly suits your vision.

Care Instructions

For cleaning Linda Bellino Cresses, it is advised to use the washing machine on a gentle cycle on cold, ensuring that the dress is washed separately. Failing to do so may result in damage to the garment. After the washing cycle, refrain from using a dryer: instead, hang the dress to air dry. Once it is dry, a simple steam will rejuvenate the dress. For any Wool Blend items, we recommend professional dry cleaning. Please note that none of our clothing is suitable for machine drying.

Lasts for A Lifetime

Timeless Family Treasure: Our creations stand the test of time and will maintain their pristine condition when safeguarded in our Linda Bellino Garment Bags. Hand it down, put it on display, or even re-sell it - the choice is yours!

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